recycling bin on kitchen countertop for sustainable apartment living

Sustainability is a life choice that many homeowners are adapting to their everyday routines. When you live in an apartment, it may seem like the options for sustainable living options are less available. However, there are still so many ways to implement living green into your daily life when you live in an apartment. Not sure how to start living a greener life? Here are 6 tips for sustainable apartment living.  

Change Your Lightbulbs

One of the easiest ways to implement sustainable apartment living is to change the lightbulbs in your apartment. Switching out your lights for LED bulbs can lead to significant benefits. LED lightbulbs are energy efficient, long-lasting, and cost-effective.  


Sustainable apartment living can be achieved by making the smallest of changes including recycling. When you move into a new apartment, you should always do research on the community’s recycling policies on the property. You can recycle within your apartment, designating separate containers for recyclable materials such as glass, aluminum, and plastic.  


Using thicker or blackout curtains in your apartment can help to conserve energy. Shades and blinds are also great ways to help keep sunlight and UV rays out of your apartment to help conserve energy. They can also protect your carpets and furniture from getting sunspots after exposure to the light. 

Eliminate Single Use Items

Another way to implement sustainable apartment living is to eliminate the single use items in your daily routine. Popular single use items that people don’t realize could be harmful to the environment are ziploc bags, plastic straws, and plastic water bottles. You can change these habits and live greener by using metal, silicone, paper, or reusable straws. Reusable containers and water bottles will help achieve sustainable apartment living as well. 

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

You can start living a greener life by using sustainable cleaning supplies. There are plenty of sustainable cleaning supplies that are free of hazardous chemicals that could potentially lead to water or air pollution. The packaging and containers that house these cleaning supplies are often made with recycled materials as well. Swapping out your cleaning supplies to use more sustainable ones is a great first step towards living a more sustainable life. 

Shop Secondhand

Whether it’s the furniture to furnish your new apartment, or new clothes on a shopping trip, shopping secondhand can be beneficial to the environment and your budget. It’s an easy step to take towards living a more sustainable life.