young woman stretching on yoga mat in living room for apartment workouts

As an apartment renter, it may be hard to find the space, time, and resources to exercise and stay healthy. With apartments you may need to get creative with the space you have while respecting your neighbors in the process. Here are some of our favorite apartment workouts and tips for renters!  

Dedicated Space

When beginning apartment workouts you need to find a dedicated space to do it. You should pick a large enough, open space that is far enough away from any furniture, decorations, or any other safety hazards. If possible, try to designate this space as your workout area and keep it setup as that. This way you don’t have to move stuff around each time you want to exercise and possibly lose motivation. You can even use an open wall for squats, wall-sits, and other effective workouts. 


When you live in a smaller space, you can’t necessarily use the same exercise equipment you would use in a public gym. However, there are still pieces of smaller equipment that you can use to provide you with results. Examples of lightweight and compactible equipment are resistance bands, light dumbbells, yoga mats, under desk treadmills, and pull up bars for doorways.  


For apartment workouts, it is always important to remain courteous to your neighbors. Since you are exercising in a space that is close to others, you may have to be extra cautious of how much noise you are making. It’s important to be cautious of any heavy cardio workouts that involve jumping, running, or other harsh movements. You can use a thick exercise mat to muffle some of the noise. If you are listening to music or an instructional video during your workout, try to use headphones or ear buds to lessen the annoyance for nearby renters. It’s also a good idea to workout outside whenever possible to avoid bothering neighbors or avoid your indoor workouts early in the morning or late at night. Check out our nature trails and bike paths for outdoor exercise options! Or, visit our fitness center to have more space and access to bigger equipment when working out!