happy kids dressed like zombies enjoying apartment trick or treating

Trick or Treating on Halloween night is a favorite activity for many families around the world. Children take to their neighborhoods with their families to go door to door and receive candy and other treats while showing off their costumes. For families who live in an apartment community, rather than a house, trick or treating may look a little different. However, there are still many benefits to trick or treating in an apartment community. Here are some of the benefits to consider this year while helping your children gather candy door to door or hand it out to others. Also, be sure to check with your apartment community if there are any building-wide Halloween events happening or if there are any rules to consider when setting up apartment trick or treating. 


When trick or treating in a neighborhood every year, you always have to consider the weather forecast. You could be dealing with rain, snow, or other poor weather conditions that would make trick or treating less fun. You don’t want to cover up an awesome costume with layers of hats and gloves or have your spooky Halloween makeup rinse off from the rain. With trick or treating within your apartment community, you don’t have to worry about the weather conditions since you will be going door to door inside. 


On Halloween, safety is always a priority for children and their families. Trick or treating throughout neighborhoods provides many situations that could potentially be dangerous. Children can easily get lost, and you need to be cautious of traffic on the roads. With apartment trick or treating you don’t need to worry about traffic or losing track of children. You probably know most people in your apartment community as well which makes trick or treating amongst neighbors more trustworthy.  

Quick Trick or Treating

Instead of spending hours navigating the streets for trick or treating in the neighborhood, trick or treating within your apartment community can be accomplished much quicker. The doors are closer together and you can fill up the candy bags much faster. Then, you don’t have to worry about neighborhood curfews, or having the children stay up too late past their bedtimes.