Childproofing Your Apartment

Becoming a new parent is an exciting time for many people. However, having a baby in your home, especially as they get a little older, requires a lot of safety preparation and childproofing. Living in an apartment community can be a solution for people who want to save money, not worry about maintenance, and be a part of a community. However, when you live in an apartment with a baby, there are safety measures you need to consider keeping them safe. Here are some tips on childproofing your apartment to keep your new baby safe as they grow. 

Get On Their Level

When a baby gets to the point of crawling or walking, we often don’t think about what they are seeing at their eye level. We remove any potential safety hazards at our eye level, but what we really need to do is get down to their level to examine. As silly as it sounds, getting on your hands and knees and examining your space is a great method for childproofing your apartment. 

Cover Sharp Edges & Outlets

It’s important to take note of any sharp edges in your space when childproofing your apartment. You can purchase corner covers at most stores or online. Outlet covers are also a necessity when having a new baby around. The covers will protect your child from experiencing an electrical hazard when exposed to an unprotected electrical outlet. 

Install Locks

Babies are incredibly curious, especially when they are starting to become mobile by crawling and walking around everywhere in the apartment. If there is anything you don’t want them getting into such as cleaning supplies or other harmful chemicals, they should be placed in a cabinet that is hard to reach and that is locked. You should also make sure to lock any doors or windows when childproofing your apartment to eliminate your child from going anywhere they should not and to decrease their chances of falling out of a window.  

Purchase Baby Gates

If you have a baby that is starting to crawl or walk around your apartment, baby gates are a must-have safety measure. You should purchase baby gates to install near any stairwells that might be in your apartment preventing them from falling and getting hurt. You can also use the baby gates to block off access to any rooms that may have potential safety hazards such as the kitchen or bathroom.