Historical Attractions

The town of Saratoga Springs offers many historical landmarks for all ages to explore and learn from. For avid history lovers, explore where the Battle of Saratoga took place, known to be the turning point of the American Revolution. Or take a day trip to one of the nearby museums including the National Museum of Dance, National Bottle Museum, and the Saratoga County Historical Society/Brookside Museum. These locations are just a short drive away from Elements at Saratoga Lake.

Saratoga Race Track

If you are looking for entertainment, there is plenty to keep you busy in Saratoga Springs, NY and nearby towns. You can enjoy a show or concert at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, play the slots at the Saratoga Casino, watch the horse races at the Saratoga Race Track, or even catch a drive-in movie at the Malta Drive-in Movie Theater. The Double M Western Rodeo and Albany-Saratoga SPEEDWAY are also favorite local attractions nearby Elements at Saratoga Lake.

Parks & Trails

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, look no further than Elements at Saratoga Lake in Saratoga Springs, NY. Saratoga has many beautiful tails and trail systems to enjoy and explore nature. Nearby trails include:

100 Acre Wood in Luther Forest

Luther Forest is a Technology campus that spans 1,414 acres, designed for semiconductor, nanotechnology manufacturing, and innovative technologies. While designed for technology, the campus is on a large amount of green space devoted to nature including the 100 Acre Wood.

The 100 Acre Wood is a trail system in Malta, NY that lies between Luther Forest Boulevard and Stonebreak Road Extension. It houses around two miles of mostly flat terrain hiking trails for hikers of all experience levels to enjoy. On the trails, hikers will experience forest growth and vegetation, and have the opportunity to see beautiful views of the scenery from the overlooks.

Shenantaha Creek Park

The Shanantaha Creek Park is a favorite of many locals because of it’s historical nature, recreational amenities, and large amount of open space. The areas is filled with oak, maple, pine, and hemlock trees providing ample shade for outdoor activities in the heat of summer. The park also offers short trails leading to streams and wooded areas for locals to enjoy. Park amenities include soccer fields, tennis fields, basketball courts, a volleyball court, pavilions, trails, and a playground.

Luther Forest Athletic Fields

Located within the Luther Forest technology park are the Luther Forest Athletic Fields. This premium athletics facility boasts four (4) softball diamonds and five (5) multi-use fields for soccer and lacrosse.

100 Acre Woods near Elements at Saratoga Lake
Luther Forest Athletic Fields

The town of Saratoga Springs and the surrounding local areas are home to many of the Capital Region’s best restaurants. Whether it’s authentic Italian style food, Cajun-Creole Seafood, tavern food, or Pizza, there’s plenty of places to choose from whether you’re dining in or ordering take out. If you feel like taking a short drive, there’s also plenty of offerings downtown to choose from.