2022 is ending, which means a new year is about to begin. New Years is a great time to make resolutions, goals, or new habits to bring into the year. These habits can be to improve your health, your mindset, or your happiness. Here are a few ideas of new year habits to start in 2023.  

Drink More Water

Our bodies need a lot of water to ensure our bodies and minds are running properly. Water helps with digestion, energy, staying healthy and hydrated, and even improves focus. If you have trouble remembering to drink a lot of water throughout the day, you can get a fun time tracker water bottle to make sure you are hitting your hydration goals. 

Get More Sleep

Having positive sleeping habits can really improve your overall physical and mental health. When your body is receiving enough sleep and is on a set sleeping schedule, it allows you to have more energy, focus better, and be in a better mood overall. Here are some tips for setting up your apartment bedroom for better sleep. 

Spend Less Time on Technology

Technology can easily control our lives if we are not careful. We spend so much of our time on our cell phones, watching television, or behind the computer or iPad screen. It can have negative effects on our sleeping habits, social skills, mental health, and make us less motivated to exercise as well. Instead of spending time scrolling on your phone or putting on a tv show, try to find a different activity that involves exercising your mind or your body. 


Journaling can really help with your mental health and having a positive mindset. You can use a guided journal with prompts to help you explore different topics and feelings, or you buy a blank journal to write your thoughts freely. Either way getting your thoughts down on paper and out of your head can really help put your mind at ease. 

Get Moving

Moving your body, whether a routine workout or just going for a walk outside, can be beneficial to your physical and mental health. Try one of these fitness apps for apartment workouts or enjoy one of the many outdoor amenities at Elements to enjoy exercising outdoors.