green recycling bin on kitchen counter showing apartment recycling initiatives

Recycling is extremely important and is crucial for helping to sustain our resources and our planet. Introducing recycling into your daily routine can be extremely easy. Many people think that recycling is just for homeowners. However, if you rent an apartment, there are many ways you can do your part and recycle as well. Use our renters guide to apartment recycling to learn more about how you can implement recycling habits into your daily routine. 

Ask About Your Apartment Community Recycling Initiatives 

First off, if you are living in an apartment community, the first step you can take towards recycling is asking the community manager if they have any recycling initiatives already in place. Some apartment communities have extensive recycling efforts, and some even have a recycling bin placed on the property.  

Use a Recycling Bin

To start recycling in your apartment, another thing you can do is add a recycling bin to a prominent location in your space. A recycling bin doesn’t take up much room and can be stored in the kitchen, a closet, or pantry. Make sure to choose a location that is accessible and that you will remember to use it daily. When placing things in the recycling bin make sure they are clean and empty. Also, make sure to flatten any carboard when putting it in. If your apartment community has a communal recycling bin, empty your personal one into it as it gets full. If not, look up local recycling centers to dispose of your items.

Buy and Use Recycled Products

You should never recycle electronic devices by throwing them into your recycling bin. Instead, there are ways to recycle them properly. Many retailers will accept old or broken technology devices like computers, televisions, or cell phones. They will then dispose of them by proper recycling methods, so you don’t have to worry about them.