couple hugging yellow lab dog after just moving and renting an apartment with pets

Our pets can become such a huge part of our lives. They can affect many of our decisions in life including where to live. For renters especially, having a pet can affect their apartment search and whether they decide to sign a lease. If you are searching for a new apartment and own a pet, it is important to know what to search for, what to provide to the apartment community, and how to manage renting an apartment with pets.  

Things to Consider Before Renting an Apartment with Pets 

Before renting an apartment with pets, there are a few things to consider with your search. First, make sure to check that the apartments you are considering allow pets. Some apartment communities do not allow them altogether, or they have restrictions in place. These restrictions can be based on the number of pets they allow, the size of the pet, or even the breed of the animal. 

Another thing to consider is the apartment’s pet friendly amenities. If the apartment community allows their renters to have pets, they should be providing amenities to make renting an apartment with pets easier for their members. This is especially important for renters that need to occupy dogs by walking them consistently and providing a way for them to receive exercise. These amenities can include nearby dog parks or nature trails for walking your dog, a dog washing station, or an enclosed area for your dogs to roam. This is especially important for renters that need to occupy dogs by walking them consistently and providing a way for them to receive exercise. 

During your apartment search, another thing to research is the proximity to quality options for animal boarding, daycare, veterinarians, and animal hospitals. You always want to make sure these services are near your apartment in case of a pet emergency. 

man walking his dog on nature trails near apartment to get exercise

Applying to Rent an Apartment with Pets

couple signing lease agreement for new apartment.

Once you narrow your apartment, search down and begin the application process there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, you should always be honest in your application and state that you have pets when applying to rent an apartment.  

Each apartment community is different, but many will require more information on your pets before approving your application. Common items they will ask for will be medical record proof of vaccines and rabies shots, vet references, photos of the animals, certificates of training they have completed, and any references from previous landlords. Some apartment communities may also require a meet and greet of your pet prior to your application approval. 

Moving Into an Apartment With Pets

Once the application process has been finalized and you make the big move into your new apartment, the next step is to get your pets used to apartment living. When you are setting up your new apartment make sure to pet proof any areas you think may be a problem for your pet. This includes safety hazards, furniture they could ruin, and organizing the space where maintained cleaning will be as easy as possible. 

Getting used to a new living environment can sometimes be overwhelming for animals and it’s important to establish a normal daily routine to get them used to it quickly. This includes teaching them what areas are off limits, how to let you know they need to go outside and getting them used to their new outdoor environment as well. 

When renting an apartment with pets, you should always be considerate of the property and your neighbors. This means cleaning up after your pet both in your apartment and in the outdoor community. It also means that you and your pet are aware of and obeying any sort of noise ordinances your community may have. 


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