Recycling at apartment community to celebrate Earth Day

This year Earth Day is celebrated on Friday April 22nd, 2022. To celebrate the holiday, people all over the world volunteer or participate in activities that impact the environment or planet in a positive way. Volunteering and participating in environmentally friendly activities are great ways to show your love and appreciation for the planet. But did you know that you can celebrate without even leaving your home? If you live in an apartment community, there are plenty of ways to modify your everyday life to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. By implementing a few minor changes in your apartment and your apartment community you can start living a greener life. Here are 10 ways to celebrate Earth Day in your apartment community. 

  1. Grow Your Own Food

If you live in an apartment community, you may not have a ton of outdoor space to make room for a garden. However, many apartment renters still decide to grow their own food to be more sustainable. They use their balconies or patios to grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs that they can implement into their diet. Not sure what to grow or where to begin? Here are some tips on balcony gardening for beginners. 

  1. Recycle

If you’re not already recycling in your apartment, what better time to start? Making the decision to start recycling paper, plastic, and glass within your apartment is a great way to celebrate Earth Day. For more information on getting started with recycling, read How to Recycle and Why You Should Do It. 

  1. Reduce Electricity

A simple change you can make in your everyday life to honor Earth Day is reducing the amount of electricity you use. This will not only help the environment, but also help lower your electricity bill and reduce the overall energy consumption for your apartment community. To do this, remember to turn off and unplug items when they are not in use.  

  1. Switch to LED Lightbulbs

Many renters are making the switch to LED lightbulbs because they are a more energy-efficient light source. LED light bulbs use around half the amount of electricity than traditional lightbulbs because they use a semi-conductor to turn electricity into light. Switching the lightbulbs in your apartment is an easy way to implement greener living in your apartment. 

  1. Ask Your Apartment Community About Their Recycling Efforts

If you want to learn more about how you can help make not only your apartment, but the whole apartment community more sustainable, talk to your apartment community manager. They will have more information on your apartment community’s current recycling and sustainability efforts.  

  1. Use Green Cleaning Supplies

Using green cleaning supplies will help the environment and the people living in your apartment. Green cleaning supplies are free from hazardous materials and chemicals, making them less likely to pose health risks to the people around them. This makes them less hazardous for the environment as well. 

  1. Go Digital

You’ve heard the phrase “Go Paperless” when handling statements and bills. Well, there are many ways to go paperless and go digital instead, aside from just bills. While there are some important documents you should still hold paper copies of, many items can be converted into a digital file to reduce paper waste in your apartment. 

  1. Donate Clothing

Believe it or not, clothing produces a lot of waste in the environment. To extend the life of your clothing and to be more sustainable, consider donating the clothes you no longer want or wear to a shelter or consignment shop. Check out the best 10 donation centers near ballston spa, ny. 

  1. Conserve Water

Conserving water is another way you can celebrate Earth Day at your apartment and within your apartment community. There are plenty of small changes you can implement in your everyday routine to conserve more water. A few examples are taking shorter showers, install water saving shower heads, turn off the water while brushing your teeth, and using dishwashers and washing machines for full loads only. 

  1. Eliminate One-Time Use Items

A small greener habit you can implement in your routine is eliminating one-time use items in your apartment. These items include plastic bags, straws, Ziploc bags, plastic water bottles, etc. Instead use a reusable water bottles and straws, Tupperware, and reusable shopping bags to help the environment and celebrate Earth Day.