spooky halloween table setup for hosting a scary movie night at our apartment

Hosting a scary movie night at your apartment is a great way to spend time with friends or family to celebrate the arrival of spooky season. October is known for all things spooktacular including frightening movies, gruesome looking treats, and drinks, and all the scary décor. If you are thinking of hosting a scary movie night at your apartment, here are some tips to make sure everyone has a ghoulish time! 

Gruesome Treats and Beverages

No scary movie night is complete without the best gruesome treats and beverages nearby. When looking through recipes, remember that the more unique and creepier they look, the more your guests will love them typically. Build your menu full of spooky snacks and add in a few creepy cocktails) or mocktails if your guests are under 21). Here are some of our favorite recipes to consider when hosting a scary movie night at your apartment. 

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Create a Terrifying Scene

Even though you will mostly be watching scary movies the entire night, it’s important to decorate your apartment to fit the theme. Stop by your local party store to grab party essentials like paper plates, napkins, tablecloths, wall décor, and more. You can even get creative with scene setter wall backdrops or caution tape. The options are endless but to make the process easier, here are some decorating ideas for hosting a scary movie night at your apartment.  

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Movie Marathon Madness

Now, onto the most important part of hosting a scary movie night at your apartment, the movie lineup! Picking the right scary movies for the night is essential. You want a variety of movies that will appeal to everyone. You can pick multiple movies within the same series (Ex. Halloween or the Nightmare series), or you can pick movies with a different category (witches, ghosts, murderers, etc.) Here are some of the most popular scary movies to choose from. 

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