chair, blanket, and coffee for winterizing your apartment porch

If you are lucky enough to have a porch attached to your apartment, you know what a luxury it can be. Your porch can be a relaxing oasis and a way to enjoy the outdoors just a few steps away from your home. Whether you like to read a book, sip your coffee, watch people, or work on your laptop, your porch can be a useful space for so many activities. With the weather getting colder it’s important to be educated on winterizing your apartment porch and how to make the best of the space in the colder months. Here are some tips for winterizing your apartment porch and making it a cozy place to relax. 

  • The first step to winterizing your apartment porch is checking with your apartment community manager to see what they allow in terms of preparing your porch for winter. They may have limitations on what snow maintenance measures need to be in place or what structural adjustments can be made. 
  • If you live in a location that receives a lot of cold temperatures and snow, like Malta, NY, you should consider winterizing your apartment porch completely. This includes using plastic drapes or curtains to enclose the space, keeping it safe from the elements and to keep more heat in. 
  • Regularly remove snow and ice from the porch. You should always have an ice scraper, bucket of warm water, and a shovel on standby. 
  • Invest in outdoor porch furniture that can withstand cold temperatures and moisture from rain, snow, and ice. 
  • Embrace the sparkling snow of winter by adding lights and creating a cozy ambience. You can choose from battery-powered candles, string lights, fairy lights, or lanterns.  
  • Set up a side table on your porch to have a place to set your warm coffee or cozy hot chocolate. 
  • Have a basket full of cozy blankets nearby to grab when you come outdoors into the cold.