During the colder months, when you’ve been cooped up in your apartment for a while, it’s easier to let your mental health suffer. When you’re stuck inside for a longer period of time, you can start to feel sluggish, lonely, and bored. These are all emotions that affect your mental health. There are quite a few ways to get out of your apartment and do things to help brighten your mood. If you can’t leave the house due to weather, or just want to stay at home, here are 25 apartment mental health tips. 

  1. Go on a cleaning spree and clean each room in the apartment. Having a clutter-free home can help settle the clutter in your mind as well.  
  2. Brew a cup of calming tea to help you relax. 
  3. Find a fun new recipe to cook for yourself or invite friends over to try it out. 
  4. Light your favorite smelling candles or use an essential oil diffuser with calming scents.  
  5. Sit near a window to take in views of nature. 
  6. Go outside your apartment for a walk or just to get some vitamin D. 
  7. Add plants in your apartment for better air quality and to help increase your mood. 
  8. Engage in any type of exercise to boost your mental health. 
  9. Eating healthy and staying hydrated can help combat feelings of anxiety or depression. 
  10. Implement a steady sleep schedule so you wake up feeling refreshed every day. 
  11. Find inner peace and relaxation with meditation. 
  12. Invite friends over for a fun night in. 
  13. Run errands, visit a loved one, or find another reason to get out of the apartment for a little bit. 
  14. Escape into a new world by reading a great book. 
  15. Find a hobby or project to complete. 
  16. Put on your favorite type of music. 
  17. Write your thoughts and feelings down in a journal. 
  18. Take a warm and relaxing bath. 
  19. Socialize with other renters in the community outside or at the clubhouse. 
  20. Play with your pet indoors or take them for a walk outside. 
  21. Listen to a motivational podcast. 
  22. Talk to someone about your feelings with virtual therapy offerings. 
  23. Treat yourself with self-care like a massage, painting your nails, or a refreshing face mask. 
  24. Bake a sweet treat and indulge a little. 
  25. Have a dance party while no one’s watching and boost your mental health.